Fred Harrison is an example of how environment can awaken an artistic talent. He remembers the magnificent woodwork from his school building, mural landscapes painted as backdrops for the school theatre and, most profoundly, the landscape surrounding Sault Ste Marie. Every art book in the Carnegie Library in the Sault was examined with such relish that the paintings and readings from these books form the basis of Fred’s artistic knowledge and technique today.

Five years ago, Fred came to New Brunswick to take part in the Sussex Mural Celebration. His works there commemorate the logging industry; the Dairytown heritage; the arrival of the railway; and nineteenth century life at Sussex Corner. While working here, he became captivated by the beauty of this province, and he is now at home in a small cottage in the wilds of Goshen.

He has continued to paint murals, focusing his efforts in this province. Highlights from the past two years include a mural on Hampton High School, created with student assistance and sponsored by the John Peters Humphrey Foundation; The Workers Memorial at Lily Lake in Saint John, which he worked on in collaboration with Darren Byers; and a mural on the Saint John Boys and Girls Club in Saint John, created with Sue Hooper.