Show Statement

Having seen Canada from its coasts and from some of its central areas, artists Erica Sullivan and Aidan Stanley decided it was time to see Canada’s Arctic regions. So roots were lifted from the banks of New Brunswick’s fabulous St. John River, and set anew on Baffin Island, where the promise of experience, of adventure, of creative newness is collectively recognized as contemporary geographical magic.

Home Away From Home is all about looking back, while dreaming into the future, while at the same time trying not to forget about the present. Erica and Aidan have decided to embrace this most common of all feelings, home. Is it simply ‘where you hang your hat’, or is it all a matter of who you are with? Perhaps ‘home’ exists in concept only, as a feeling you get when thinking fondly of where you were/are/and will be.

Though this series of works, Erica and Aidan search to articulate optimism in new surroundings. These works, based in gold, silver, and found objects, are displayed in short series to demonstrate the emotional range of adventure.