Essay by Rachel Brodie

The project ONE was conceived as “a strict and simple production”. Prevent a diverse group of talents from becoming unruly by imposing just the one rule; capture one image only. The resulting group of images forms a cohesive presentation without imposing the conformity of a theme.

“ONE” is one part of alone. But alone doesn’t mean lonely. Lonely is the exclusion of others. In ONE the photographer is alone with one perfect single moment, captures it and then shares it with a trusted audience.

SilverFish group exhibitions have always involved compositions created by individual members each grouping their ownvarious images. So there is vulnerability in the selection and presentation of just one image to stand on it’s own. Without a context what can just one image reveal and how do you choose the one most revealing?

In some instances it could be easy. Eadweard J. Muybridge, scientist and photographer, proved that a horse can fly because in all of his many frames he captured one showing it with all 4 legs in the air. The SilverFish ONE images are more contemplative, the decisive moment is as subtle as catching your breath…

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Christina Thomson

Island Life

I know this is the one; the last warm night before the cold sets in. The full moon over Ile des Soeurs guides me down from the bike path and through the tall grasses to the shore. Sitting there, I hear small splashes and rustlings: ducks, a racoon, a cat. Another lone human quietly walks along the trail…

Peter Bjerkelund


We live within continual turning gears,cogs and winders, and pendulums that swing a hair’s breadth from our peripheral vision. Sharing the workings, we make and unmake, building and demolishing. The world is motion and moments…

Kyle Cunjak


While loading the film into my camera, a ghost image was created when advancing the roll. This is a quick glimpse into a moment I didn’t even mean to create, something I wasn’t supposed to notice.

Monica Lacey


This image is part of a series depicting people alone in the woods. It’s about the attraction of solitude contrasting with the ache of loneliness. There is also the presence of the watcher, the witness, who is present with all of us, no matter how alone we think we are.

Cathy McKelvey


One woman, one earring, one emotion, one.


Peter Gross

number 1

Everything that I experience in life is mediated by the big number one: me. My desires, my fears, my prejudices, my anxieties, my hopes… all shape and colour my world. I can’t ever experience things directly. It’s eventually all about me…

Roger Smith

Virginia Ctenucha – the Moth with the Unpronounceable Name

We see beauty in animals all around us, but insects are usually seen as somehow alien and detestable. Perhaps this moth is one insect that can be considered alien and somehow beautiful.