Artist Statement

Although the process of painting and the orchestration of chemical reactions on the surface of a canvas or board is my initial motivation, my works are not left in the realm of pure abstraction. It is through the technique of applying thin films of paint that the subject of the work becomes defined. The marks made during my painting process are often spontaneous, coupled with the language of order and geometry. Circles hold cultural significance for all walks of life, often representing unity, harmony, community and wholeness.

Growing up on Grand Manan, the raw and unique landscape has certainly become one of my greatest influences. It is perhaps inevitable that my works often become landscapes of one kind or another – literal representations of the landscape, or metaphoric references to our subconscious.

The incorporation of images of old family photographs have added a specific narrative to my work, examining heritage of a rural fishing village during the first half of the 20th century, connecting us to a past that has all but disappeared.


Sara grew up on Grand Manan, a small island in the Bay of Fundy. In 1997 she attended NSCAD University in Halifax N.S., gaining an entrance scholarship to the university. Over the next four years she obtained a BFA, majoring in painting, sculpture and printmaking. In 2000, as an independent study for her BFA, she carved marble in Pietrasanta Italy.

After graduation in 2001, she spent a few years traveling to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. In 2004 she studied printmaking more extensively at NSCAD, and proceeded to travel to Vancouver B.C. through a scholarship at Malaspina Printmakers Society. In 2007, Sara moved to Okayama Japan where she taught English to children. She completed a Bachelor of Education at UNB in 2010.

Sara now works as the Executive Director of ArtsLink NB, and teaches Portfolio Development at the Saint John Arts Centre. Her studio is in Saint John, NB.