Artist Statement

Abstract, or more correctly non-representational, art requires by its very definition that I constantly look inward for inspiration. The fifteen diptychs created for the Gemini series reflect this same introspection through the revealing filters of my astrological sign.

Starting from a very basic understanding of the zodiac, I delved deeper in my research, wondering if I would recognize myself in the characteristics and personality traits assigned to the third astrological sign. The classic mythology behind the Gemini constellation provided interesting background, however it was the very detailed character analysis in the Hindu Book of Astrology which provided a fascinating and uncanny portrait of the Gemini-born individual.

Yes, I recognized myself – curious, spontaneous, independent, quick-thinking, a communicator. I have long felt the need to relate and to understand opposing visions simultaneously, to unite reason and belief, intellect and emotion. As a mutable sign, Geminians are said to embrace change and versatility as I do. One who has the talent for multi-tasking and the ability to formulate abstract ideas, to interpret symbols, concepts and signals – these again were traits I could honestly identify with.

But to stop there was not completely honest. I also had to face the less flattering, but equally recognizable attributes; Gemini people are prone to a vivacious, restless andanxious nature, easily bored and extremists in everything they do. Worry and impatience can torment the Gemini spirit with fear and doubt. This is the yin and yang of the Gemini individual, constantly seeking that fine balance between two distinct and pronounced natures.

As I began the new paintings, I felt strongly that I wanted to trust my instincts, to follow that spontaneous Gemini tendency and see where it led me without preconceived ideas for subject and style. Reflecting on the past, I realized this approach had generally always resulted in the paintings I found most satisfying, and others were drawn to as well.

Using a limited palette of earth tones and metallic complements, I allowed myself to free-fall through the mythology, the definitions and personal reflections. The resulting work I believe bears out the duality, the twin impulses towards organic and geometric shapes, movement and static form, loud and quiet colour. The decision to create each piece as a diptych paid further homage to the search for balance in opposites.

Creating the Gemini series was a quest to understand myself both as an individual and as an artist, and to consider the truth and merit behind the astrological attributes of identity. I offer my revelations as a Gemini communicator, an artist of change and freedom.

Anna Horsnell Wade, SCAThe Gemini Series – Soundtrack

During the creation of the Gemini paintings, I was intrigued by the idea of a complementary soundtrack to accompany the artwork. Perhaps it was the mythology or the meditative nature of the work that inspired the addition of sound.

Coincidentally my son was beginning his studies for a career in the recording arts with a strong emphasis on sound design. I presented the idea to him and with a bare minimum of direction in expectations, he undertook the creation of a thirty minute soundtrack.

The resulting recording is his own interpretation of the paintings themselves, Gemini nature and his sense of musical and sound design. His use of drama, mystery, duality and balance are meant to further the viewer’s visual experience.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to fellow artist and contributor, Conor Horsnell Wade.


“Art is an essential part of who I am. I love the act of creating something new, and abstract or non-representational art challenges me to reach inside myself for inspiration, to communicate something from deep within.

I love spontaneity and the vitality of the unexpected, trusting the energy passing from mind and hand to canvas. I give myself the freedom to explore movement, light and organic shape as each new painting evolves naturally, often inspired by music. While certainly influenced by the abstract expressionists, I believe my work has evolved on a very personal level in a style and direction born of deep introspection.

I am drawn to often deep and vivid colour, always watching and even listening to where the painting wants to go. Trusting the process is vital. Connecting with the viewer is pure satisfaction.”

Anna Horsnell Wade, SCA has been painting for over 35 years, most recently from her ocean-side studio in Nova Scotia. First recognized as a landscape painter, today she is most known for her richly-hued abstracts. She exhibits regularly in group and solo shows, as well as various commercial galleries, and her paintings hang in public and private collections including the Art Bank of Nova Scotia.