Show Statement

Three Potters, One Show, Thirty Fingers. A salt firing potter, a figurative sculptor, and a multimedia clay worker come together under the cupola of the Saint John Arts Centre to share their hands’ obsession: clay.

Helen Stanley

Was first introduced to clay in high school and completed two years at Sheridan College with a further year at the Craft School in Fredericton and received her diploma in Ceramics. She has since spent over thirty years making pottery and sculpture. Although much of her studio time is spent alone, she enjoys teaching both there and elsewhere.

She has been selling her work in local shops, shows and galleries since opening the Salt Glazed Pottery studio in Seeleys Cove, NB. Her most recent award was the Best Booth at the Rothesay Craft Show in 2011.

Karen Dryer-Knight

Is a local Artist Potter, juried member of the N.B. Craft Council, and owner of Soul Impression Handbuilt Clayworks. Karen studied Fine Art in the late 1980s, and taught handbuilding and sculpture from 1997 to 2003 for the City of Guelph Pottery Program. Since her return “home”, Karen has concentrated on establishing her pottery business. Her sculptural work has been exhibited at the SJAC and is currently on view at Klausen Gallery.

Alison Gayton

Makes pottery and teaches people how to make pottery at the Saint John Arts Centre and at her studio on the West Side. Thirty Fingers features her multimedia works which incorporate crocheted additions to alarmingly bright and softly formed ceramics. You could say that these are off the hook (that’s a crochet pun).