There has never been a time when Alicia Robichaud wasn’t pushing the boundaries of how people perceived what an artist is. Showing interest in multiple art forms from a very early age, she was encouraged to develop her love of creating and as a result published a book of collected poems in 1997 at the age of 17 and had her first gallery showing for her paintings in 1999.

With all these accomplishments under her belt before the age of twenty, she took the plunge and devoted all her efforts to one of her oldest interests being behind the lens. She never looked back. Honing her craft and constantly pushing herself to delve deeper into all areas of photography, studio, advertising, runway modeling, still life, nature she particularly enjoyed wedding photography and has continued to do so for more than 8 years. Her love of weddings led her to become one of the first Atlantic Canadian supporters of the ‘Trash the Dress’ photo shoots that were all the rage in Europe. After years of commercial photography this was just the reinvigoration she needed to begin seeking more artistic ways of shooting, leading to her artist re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with an all female cast. The success of the shoot and subsequent gallery show led to media coverage with Here Magazine and Breakfast Television and proved there was a desire for more fantastical photo editorials, so she decided to make it a yearly event.

Somewhere in the whirlwind of art and fancy that fill her life she somehow found the time to settle down and raise a family. When she isn’t riding the forefront of artistic trends she’s looking for inspiration elsewhere, spending time with her husband or taking advantage of her favourite model – her adoring son, Odin.