Golden Artist Colours Demo

SJAC is pleased to welcome back Golden Artist Colours for a free Lecture Demo: Acrylics A-Z Wednesday, 3 July 2019 from 6:30-9:00PM

The demo is a fun, informative and interactive 2 ½ hour session, which covers acrylics A-Z, including:

  • what acrylic paint is made of and how its makeup effects its behaviour in the studio; drying times and how to control them
  • the difference between mineral and modern pigments and how this effects colour mixing; using different primaries; hues; the difference between the blacks and whites; iridescent and interference colours
  • the different lines of acrylic paint and where and how to use each kind – Heavy Body for texture, Fluids for a level flow or a watercolour-like look, High Flow for an ink consistency, and Open Slow drying for extended blending, glazing and printmaking
  • the huge line of gels and mediums, the difference between them all, and how to use them to change your paint consistency, create texture, enhance transparency, and extend your paints to save money
  • the different kinds of molding paste and grounds, and how to use them to create textured and unique painting surfaces
  • how to use grounds to create your own watercolour canvas and turn surfaces other than paper into ones appropriate for dry media
  • the basics of varnishing
  • the new QoR watercolors and their unique binder and high pigment load … and more!

Bring your questions, try some new products, and go home with a product information folder, handpainted colour chart, and free sample bag!