Prenatal Art & Wellness

Conceptualized as a holding space to honour, nourish, and celebrate the transformative experience of pregnancy, Jaclyn Trecartin McAdam (Certified Canadian Counsellor and Licensed Counselling Therapist) will be offering an Art and Wellness workshop for pregnant mothers. Combining her teaching, art, and therapeutic services, Jaclyn will support and guide participants to adopt art to merge empowerment and pregnancy.

Paint, beads, mixed media, and repurposing will be used alongside journalling to create items a mother can wear, reflect upon, and decorate her living space (including the nursery) with. The workshops, 2 hour sessions for 4 weeks, will offer mothers space and support to revere the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of pregnancy. The workshop is intended to create a positive and supportive atmosphere, one where mothers feel empowered. It is a supplementary service for mothers’ wellbeing, not intended to be psychotherapy or take the place of other health care services.

All experience levels are welcome. Prayer beads, wellness lanterns, an art journal, and expressionistic wall art on canvas will be created within the workshop.

Tuesdays, 10am-12pm • October 30 – November 20, 2018 (4 weeks) • Cost: $80, supplies included

About the Instructor:

Jaclyn Trecartin McAdam has been creating since she can remember. Thankfully, her parents supported this trait and her early artistic endeavours. Jaclyn has found inspiration in life, and believes the greatest work of art of all is life itself. Studying history and art history (BA) opened her eyes to the evolving and expanding field of art across the ages. Trained as an educator (BEd), Jaclyn has taught a variety of subjects and grade levels, including art in middle and high school. An MEd in Counselling allows her to practice as a Certified Canadian Counsellor and Licensed Counselling Therapist.

Jaclyn has run a private practice for counselling since 2014, offering services to children, teens, families, and adults. She approaches sessions with an open mindset, allowing inspiration for interventions to come from each interaction. She has expanded her practice to offer art-based wellness workshops, finding it fun to collaborate with community groups and organizations. The opportunity to work with the SJAC to increase the accessibility of her art and wellness workshops is something she is grateful for.

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