Relief Printmaking Masterclass

It’s not too early to look ahead and plan for an exciting creative masterclass in June! Visiting artist and printmaker Maria Doering returns to teach you all about her passion: relief printmaking.

In this Master class students will get a solid foundation to relief printmaking methods and should be able to use the SJAC printmaking studio on their own after attending this week-long intensive course.

Students will try their hand at carving into linoleum as well as Komatex, both easy to carve materials. You will learn to use different tools to create different marks, carve, ink, and handprint as well as use the printing press for a limited edition series of prints. We will work in black and white, two-colour reductive printing as well as multi-block printing. No previous experience is required to attend this class, and it suits nicely as refresher for experienced printmakers as well. It is recommended that you come prepared with a simple image idea, a sketchbook or notebook for taking notes, and an old t-shirt or apron as printmaking can be as messy as it is fun!

Monday-Friday, June 4-8, 2018 • 10am-5pm, 1 hour for lunch • Cost: $400 • All printmaking supplies provided.

Student material list:

  • sketchbook or notebook
  • pen or pencil
  • apron or old t-shirt
  • image idea

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