Art Appreciation 101

Thanks to all who came out to enjoy Session 1! Session 2 has been set for Wednesday, February 28, with a presentation and discussion on…

  • Fine Arts vs. Fine Craft
  • Five basic types of Fine Art

Join SJAC’s own board member Gary A. Davis for this fun, informal, illustrated series all about art appreciation!

Topics to include:

  • What are the reasons for and purposes of art?
  • Who is an artist? What do they do?
  • Fine Arts vs. Fine Craft
  • Five basic types of Fine Art
  • Four main styles of painting
  • Artistic Technique
  • Theory: colour, perspective, philosophy, and conventions
  • Types of media
  • Types of Methodologies: Pyramids to Picasso, Social History, Connoisseurship, and Iconography
  • Towards an Aesthetic: value, criteria, taste, judgement, and cultural implications

Session 3: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 • 7 – 8:30pm • Admission by freewill offering

Please RSVP by emailing our Business Adminstrator, Nora Bowes, or calling (506) 633-4870 so we can account for seating.
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(Photo credit: Dustin Gaffke, link to Flickr here)