Artist Statement

When I walk through a gorge I am struck by the blocky resemblance to a city street. Conversely, the brick faces of our buildings have been shown to act as cliff ecosystems for city animals. These works were made by digitally merging photos of Saint John streets with the mountains of New Hampshire. The resulting images were recreated by hand in natural materials. Both in concept and technique, this project is my way of searching for the line between technology and nature. It is so blurry. As you explore the work I invite you to search for ways to identify that which is constructed versus that which simply occurs. How we perceive the difference will affect our relationship with all of our environments.



Allison Green is a textile artist, mixed media sculptor, and biology enthusiast. She was a Sculpture Saint John intern and this summer completed her first granite sculpture on-site at Kingsbrae Gardens. Green is a graduate of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and has taught art lessons to children and adults. She received the Governor General’s Academic Medal and the Nel Oudemans Award. You can connect with her past works and future projects at